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The BestGuestBooks.Com Advantages……..

  • Your Guest Book is hosted on a High-Speed MySql Database Server.

  • You have the ability to Edit or Delete Entries made to your guest book.

  • Guests can Edit or Delete their submissions to your guest book.

  • Play at the best casino with us on tiger slot. Bonus for the first 100 people! Custom Page Design includes your ability to Upload both Logo and Background Images if desired. Change Background, Font Colors and More so your guest book resembles your home site.

  • A Hit Counter is displayed in your administrative screen. It records only unique visitors, not just pages displayed.

  • Mood Icons are featured with each and every guest entry. A total of five different groups of icons are available for your guests. You decide which one group your guests select from. This group can be changed by you at any time. Your guest decides which one icon they want displayed by their entry.

  • We provide for a link to your former guest book so you won’t lose valuable submissions from the past.

  • We use Blind Email Forms to protect the privacy of both guest book owners and their guests. This prevents harvesting of email addresses by internet spammers. In addition, we pledge to never sell, give-a-way or otherwise divulge any email addresses, not even to our partners.

  • Your Privacy is Protected to the fullest extent possible.

  • Multiple consecutive entries are IP trapped to Prevent Unsightly Repeats of the same entry

  • Anti-Spamming Measures are used to prevent automated spam entries to your guest book.

  • Use our Link Generator to supply the html code for your links to your guest book.

  • You will Receive an Email of Each Entry.

  • Your Guest Will Receive an Email of Each Entry.

  • Best of all, It’s All Free! No charge for anything.

Your optional background and logo images are uploaded anytime after your guest book is created.
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